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Reporting - EPOS Management & Multi-Site Stock. Designed for multiple outlet operators EPOS MS offers maximum control over your EPOS terminals and stock control processes, providing sales, stock and staff analysis.

EPOS-MS is designed for multi-outlet operators with up to 30 sites, who require central control over their Uniwell EPOS system or cash registers from HQ, the standard package allows 5 sites to be connected.

The software is located at HQ and communicates directly with the EPOS system in each site, providing sales analysis, stock control and management of the estate of EPOS terminals and cash registers.

The system will greatly improve and assist in the management of business operations and provide valuable decision making data with minimal time and effort.


EPOS data and updates are collected/sent at the end of shift; this can be a fully automated procedure. Any sales not collected through the POS can be recorded manually.

Prices can be maintained by individual branch or at a price band level, and product and till layout can be maintained for groups of outlets to ease maintenance.

A full suite of site based reports and analysis is available, flexible date range selection enables you to view exactly what you wish, this is supported by seamless integration with Microsoft Excel and Word.

Reports can be viewed by area, region, business type, branch, or sales location, reports include:

  • Sales, Profit and Margin analysis
  • Top sellers
  • Income & variance
  • Promotional loss reporting
  • Hourly reports
  • Staff reports
  • Stock, Variance and Order reporting
Stock Control

The orders, deliveries and returns procedures are quick and simple to use, whilst stock reports provide suggested order quantities according to minimum and maximum stock levels. All completed orders can be faxed or e-mailed direct to suppliers, eliminating mistakes.

Periodic stocktaking provides trading results for the period, highlighting performance, stock variances and wastage.

Recipes & cocktails are simple to create and maintain, ensuring detailed and accurate F&B stock control.

Handheld Stocktaking – simplified stocktaking processes using hand held terminals to save time and increase the accuracy of stock results.

Cash Control

The cash declaration option allows you to quickly and accurately reconcile your cash at the end of shifts, immediately highlighting cash variances.

Monetary values that are not processed at the POS can be tracked using the banking option giving you a complete overview of revenue and expense.

The Weekly Summary Report eliminates the need for manual cashsheets - saving time and paperwork.

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