Fidelity Gpos - Graphical Point of Sale

G-POS touch screen software is a versatile graphics based product compatible with most leading manufacturer’s touch screen hardware. Up to 400 layers of product and pricing information can be stored on the system including graphic images as well as descriptions. This graphical system drastically reduces the training time for operators and makes it virtually language independent. The product buttons are infinitely variable in size enabling the system to be fully customised for each customer, giving unlimited functionality. On screen prompts and product information allows staff to “up sell” to customers. Back office sales reports are a standard feature of G-POS’s utility programming and setup module.

Key Features

  • Uses graphics on buttons to aid accuracy of product registration
  • Complete control over button attributes; change size, position, colour, font, image etc.
  • Button themes: round, oval, shaded, gradient effect etc.
  • Personalised start up screens for each clerk to reflect their responsibilities / roles
  • Handles different screen sizes and resolutions
  • Up to 400 user definable screens, each with as many buttons as you wish
  • Move transaction details to the left or the right of the screen
  • Stock count down on screen against selected products
  • On screen prompts for information
  • Customer accounts Built in Chip & Pin functionality
  • 36 Prices per PLU with 7 price levels
  • Automatic price changes by day / time
  • PLU’s can be in more than one multibuy
  • PLU’s can be set as ticket items ie 3 tickets for a suit
  • PLU search facility by name, group, price etc.
  • Multibuys can be pre-defined by date and time
  • Multibuys can upgrade to a better offer during the same transaction
  • Staff log on by: Pin no, Dallas key, mag card, barcoded card, chip card or fingerprint
  • Staff training mode
  • Staff time & attendance
  • Staff can be set to go to a certain screen page or table plan when logging on
  • Speech mode: Prompts on Errors, Refunds multibuys etc.
  • Minimum age requirement against PLU’s
  • Comprehensive reporting with 8 Z levels
  • Table planner
  • Up to 8 kitchen printers / kitchen monitor screens
  • Short text for kitchen printing