FEC RP-3500

Despite its surprisingly low cost, RP-3500 is a compact, heavy-duty touch screen terminal that has been built to withstand a hard life. The attractive metallic-silver, die-cast aluminium housing combined with the stylish plexi-glas front screen has clean minimalist lines that enhance the décor of any environment.

RP-3500 comes with magnetic touch keys as standard. Each key can be individually programmed to allow just order entry or registration of sales. Alternatively, they can be programmed to allow additional functions for management.

RP-3500 can be supplied with CES software, customisable to meet the needs of all retailing requirements. Up to 24 screen layouts are available, individually tailored to suit all locations. RP-3500 can also work with Geller-Vectron software and any industry-specific retail software that sits on a Windows platform.

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Geller RP-3500