Orderman Max2

High-contrast, bright and anti-glare—even in glistening sunlight. In addition, there is the user-friendly input via touch pen and touch-sensitive display—for maximum comfort and speed. Max2—the new standard for good business through perfect service.

Customizable menu card, practical fax function for special requests, as well as the new flip-view and anti-lock functions.

Key Features

  • Large display, easy to read even in sunlight
  • Long battery life
  • Water-tight special seal for casing, touchpad and batter
  • Extremely robust casing with abrasion-resistant polycarbonate-coated surface
  • Practical fax function with handwriting recognition for special requirements
  • 180° flip view function display
  • Auto-lock function: automatic touch lock when vertical, automatic standby switch for display
  • Direct ordering via easy-to-customize menucard

Inputs by touch or pen
Intuitive, user-friendly inputs by touch or using a pen. Thanks to the personalised Menucard, the most common meals and drinks can be ordered with one touch.

Personalised Menucard
The lower section of the touch display is individually tailored to your establishment, with your most common meals and drinks assigned a position and a colour. This means that most orders can be placed with a single touch: sheer speed, Orderman style.

Perfect display
Other displays pale when compared to a readout specially designed for the catering industry. Even in bright sunlight, this display remains easily legible. Other key features of the unit that make it suitable for demanding restaurant conditions include high resistance to mechanical stresses, waterproofing and shockproofing. In short, sheer class that lasts.

Long battery life
The lithium-ion battery stores enough power for a long working day. The battery life of up to 18 hours' continuous online operation speaks volumes.

Thanks to special seals and bonding technology, Max2plus is protected against moisture ingress. Class IPX4 water resistance guarantees interruption-free operation in all situations.

Extremely hard-wearing casing
Outstanding fall/fracture safety to a height of 1.2 metres. Thanks to the wear-resistant polycarbonate coating, the unit looks like new even after many years of use. Mean time to repair is minimised.

Fax function
When your guests want something extra, take it in your stride with the Max2plus fax function. Simply write the special request onto the display field and send it to the kitchen or bar. Job done.

When the Max2plus is placed in an upright position (for example, when fitted into a belt pouch), the integrated tilt sensor automatically activates the keypad lock and the display switches to standby mode. This saves battery life and prevents ordering mistakes.

Display with FlipView function
When the unit is tilted forward, the display readout rotates 180 degrees, enabling guests to read order totals for themselves. Ideal for noisy environments and for communicating with guests who speak a different language.